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A fast paced and energetic performance sport originating from traditional group exercise classes. Athletes showcase choreography in combination with technical skills of varying difficulty all performaned to music and with a SMILE! The routines demonstrate components of fitness including cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility, coordination, agility, speed and power through continuous movement patterns 


This is a recreational non competiton classes class offered to boys and girls from Prep through to Grade 6. The classes incorportate fitness through fun and help develop motor skills, co-ordination, confidence and social skills. The children learn basic skills to assist with all elements of sport aerobics as well as learning their own mini routine to perform at our annual concert. 

aerobics, action sport aerobics, fitness, sport aerobics
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Our elementary program is a stepping stone into the competition world of Sport Aerobics. Athletes learn a compulsory set routine where skills are base level across all elementary age groups. Athletes have the opportunity to perfect beginner level skills and gain confidence through learning a routine which is suited to they age and ability, whilst still letting their personality shine through! Competitve and recreational options available! 


At Action Sport we offer a large array of competition opportunities across all age groups! Competitions are great fun for all ages and are a chance to show off our hard work on stage in front a judges and a cheering audience. Our sport aerobics athletes have the chance to compete in FISAF and or Schoolarobics competitions throughout the year. Athletes can compete in a variety of competition sections from Singles, Pairs, Trios and Fitness teams. Each competition athlete receives their own piece of competition music which allows all our athletes to express themselves through movements as well as learning personalised choreohgraphy suited to each individuals character and personality. All choreography is included in each athletes term fee cost! Athletes can aim to compete at a state level, or even represent their state and our club at national level competitions! For our highest level athletes we offer FISAF World Championship  opportunities to potentially qualify  and represent Australia at the highest level. Action Sport has represented Australia at numerous international competitons with huge success in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019

aerobics, action sport aerobics, fitness, sport aerobics
aerobics, action sport aerobics, fitness, sport aerobics

Designed for our most serious athletes this program is set to take our athletes to the next level in training and competitions. Compulsory weekly strength and skill sessions as a core group, along with once a month mega sessions (3 hours) will allow these athletes to get the best out of themselves and strive towards competing at the highest level! BY SELECTION ONLY.


aerobics, action sport aerobics, fitness, sport aerobics

Our family friendly bootcamps are perfect for the whole family to exercise together! Be put through your paces by former AFL Sydney Swans player Jarred Moore during these fantastic Bootcamp sessions! Great way to kick start your strength and fitness regime ready for the 2020 season or to get the family off their phones and enjoying the great outdoor! Inclusive for all ages and fitness levels

* Seasonal ONLY


Our private sessions allow our coaches to work one on one with each individual athlete. These sessions are in huge demand leading up to our competition season where athletes can take advantage of choreography time as well as tailored strength and skills sessions

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